Emotional Phase Shifting

Helping reduce stress and anxiety in real time

The Concept

Emotional Phase Shifting is about being able to move you to a more positive mindset,  so your emotions don’t stop you from achieving your goals or from helping others achieve theirs.

Meet Bonkers

Bonkers is our resident mixologist and wants all of us to feel and be better. Whether this is because we are upset, struggling with work or study or learning something new.
Bonkers wants to help us with that by carefully bringing together actions, things and sounds in new and different ways that not only make you feel good, but engage you positively.


Actions, the things we do, along with nature and our animal cousins, such as jumping, cartwheels or those things around us like rain and snow and erruptions.


Everyday objects that we can find throughout our daily lives like, carrots, teddy bears, pupiccino’s, mobile phones, pens and those things we use but take for granted.


From the sounds we know and immitate like animals to those that we take for granted and don’t notice most of the time.


Together at last

By carefully selecting and putting these actions, things and sounds together we can feel better when we experience them, that’s what Emotional Phase Shifting is about.

The Trinity of Self


Pickles represents those things that we obsess over, sometimes taking us away from what we should be doing to improve our self, instead doing things like bingeing


Squirrel is all of us, every day… We run out in to the highway of life and try not to get run over by all the things that life throws at us on a daily basis


Bonkers is the ideal self that we have in our minds, who we aspire to be, the critter we most want to be like and work towards

The Trinity of Self is that we are always Pickles, Squirrel and Bonkers, most of the time we are Squirrel, going about our day doing what we do, but occassionally Pickles or Bonkers will drive us to do things and behave in ways that mean we aren’t always being Our Best Squirrel, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t work towards being Our Best Squirrel and that’s where we want to help.