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About 10 years ago I ended up in hospital, paralysed and dying and from there for the following five years I went through a whole bunch of medical test, physiotherapy ending up in doing some radiotherapy as well and going through that journey and starting work after those five or six years of being unemployed.
I did some research and I have come up with something called emotional phase shifting and this helps move you from a state of anxiety or stress to a calmer state, so you can make better decisions in real-time. With this research around cognitive biases and how we perceive things psychologically I found out a lot of things about myself due to some of the side effects of being in hospital, which was I’ve lost a lot of my memories prior to being in hospital. I don’t remember people as well as I used to, I have problems with faces and names and whole bunch of other stuff.
So for me, I’m going to start talking about what my start-up does which is Twisted Xeros, (TikTok: there’s a link in bio). I’ll be talking about these cognitive biases and things that I have researched and continue to research and I will also be talking about emotional phase shifting and a part of my start-up also has the ‘Trinity of Self’ where we can manage the grumpier aspects of ourself, the everyday aspects of ourself and who we aspire to be without being put off by the sometimes overwhelmingly large things or tasks that we set for ourselves.
I think that over the coming weeks and months you may find that there are things in this that help you understand how you work a lot better for yourself.


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