Trinity of Self


The Trinity of Self is one of the things I spoke about in the last video.

Very briefly, the Trinity itself is a means of being able to have a conversation with yourself about things that you might not like about yourself or with someone else about things you may not like and it revolves around three characters and the three characters are Pickles the werewolf, which represents our grumpy yourself. So sometimes when we snap, we decide to give someone the silent treatment, we yell at someone who’s cut ourself in public when driving or we’ve actually cut someone off, that means we’re not really being the best we can be.

And then there’s Squirrel the squirrel real imagining his name, I know, and that represents who we are all the time. So Squirrel is who we go out into the world as so, you know, we go into our shopping, we open the door for other people we pay our bills on time, we’re on time will meet family and friends and that’s who we generally are.

And then there’s Bonkers, Bonkers, the Unicorn, and this is who we aspire to be. So Bonkers, the Unicorn could represent that you’re learning a new programming language, you’re learning a new language or saving up for a house, you’re doing a career change, you’re losing weight, you’re doing whatever it is that you want to be as your ideal self in the future and the Trinity of Self, we’re always those three people all the time. It’s just in certain states we’re one of those characters more than the others.

With Pickles, for example, because this represents how darker self, this doesn’t come out as often as, say, Squirrel does cause that’s our default self, and then we have Bonkers. Sometimes this character doesn’t come out at all because we’re quite scared of what people might think say about who we are and what we’re trying to achieve so, if you know the Trinity of self and someone knows the Trinity of self, instead of saying to someone in the case of Pickles that something is wrong, then you could actually approach it in much more friendly kind of way that doesn’t shut people down. And this is actually important for some cognitive biases where you might be trying to change something that you don’t like about yourself and as a result. You don’t know how to approach that because there will be a part of you that says shut up you wrong because of X.

So when I go into some cognitive biases later, like confirmation bias, because that’s something inherent in almost all of us, it will come and feature there and I do have a story around that around some of my own personal issues and that will come to play as well. So as we go through some of these things, you will hear me refer to Pickles, Bonkers and Squirrel and that’s simply because they relate to the Trinity of Self and we’re all subject to the Trinity of Self.

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