Emotional Phase Shifting – Why It Works


If this is your first time seeing us, check out our other short videos about Emotional Phase Shifting.

Here we’re showing you the science behind Emotional Phase Shifting and why it succeeds…

As we progress through EPS, the continuing along the path of commitment, means increased likelihood of success.

Firstly there is the “Genuine Connection Phase” and and this is;

  • The content creates a connection, and
  • We assess as new

With the core of Emotional Phase Shifting, we;

  • Understand what’s presented, and
  • Consciously respond positively, a dopamine hormone response

And with the “Commitment Phase”, we also;

  • Engage and explore what’s present and the issue before us, which
  • Edits the experience for the better and improves our outcomes, especially with repeated engagements

No one size fits all, so there are risks along the way, which is why repeated engagements will improve experiences over time.

In the “Genuine Connection Phase”, this is;

  • Imbalance of familiar, but different is too significant to overcome
  • Failure to establish a connection

For Emotional Phase Shifting, this is;

  • Lack or caring or understanding
  • Negative perception of the content or materials

And for the “Commitment Phase” it’s;

  • Outright rejection, and
  • Failure to shift

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