Trinity of Self – How To Squirrel


Here we go over the Trinity of Self and How to Squirrel

Guidelines for Squirrelling

  1. Squirrel hard every day
    Commit to doing those things you know you should be doing each day
  2. Be your best Squirrel
    Be your authentic best self
  3. Embrace your inner Bonkers
    Acknowledge the goals you have and set a course to pursue them
  4. Acknowledge your inner Pickles
    Acknowledge your primal self and actions, and reflect on them to be a better squirrel
  5. Surround yourself with all sorts of squirrels
    Have friends that are supportive of you but different enough to challenge you
  6. Learn from those you admire
    Learn from those you admire, even if you don’t always agree with them
  7. Study those that you don’t admire
    Study those that rub you the wrong way and understand why for you don’t want to be them

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