Trinity of Self – Rules to Pickles By


As part of the trinity of self, we’ll discuss our primal self, ‘Pickles’ and the Rules to Pickles by …

  1. Learn from your mistakes
    There’s a distinct difference between failing and quitting, failing means you followed through with commitment to the very end with knowing you may not meet minimum requirements, quitting means you decided level up your fail game
  2. Converse constructively with Pickles
    Have a conversation with yourself about what it is that’s wrong. Was it multiple people saying or doing something about your behaviours and actions? Does the outcome not match expectations and you’re now concerned about possible ramifications. Be honest in the conversation, there’s only you and Pickles in this private conversation.
  3. Understand what really get’s your Pickle, and let your best Squirrel help you
    Try to make peace with what has happened or with the dilemma you’re currently facing. Why are you feeling so primal about it? What scares you off of it? why does it drive your procrastination? Understanding the why of things can help you overcome them.

If it’s to do with other people, keep in mind that the default mode for an overwhelming majority is to help others, and this can be seen in toddlers and children when playing with only about 5% of them being anti-social.

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