Why I Started Twisted Xeros


Hi, I’m the founder of Twisted Xeros and Twisted Xeros is a start-up about helping you to reduce stress and anxiety in real time.
This came about because about as several years ago, I was in hospital paralysed and dying.
I asked myself the question many years later, how can you make someone feel better when they don’t want to feel or better?
And the short answer to that is if laughter’s the best medicine, try and make someone laugh. Emotional phase shifting is about randomising actions, things and sounds to elicit a predominantly dopamine response from you.
So there’s also oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins, but mostly dopamine. So I developed a demo for this particular product, which you can access via the web from our website.
So the actions, things and sound, there is a meteor shower of kangaroos that sounds like pigs squealing. So each and every time you use this will give you a different combination. So it means it’s random each time you won’t predict what’s going on.
As a startup. It’s important to me to be able to show social proof to investors that people would want this.
I can prove to one person that it has value and they enjoy it, including the investor, but when I show that there’s a lot of people that do actually see value in this as well, then it’s more likely to go into production.
So if you do happen to find value out of this and using it, register your interest to actually show your support and use the tool as much as you want.