Why I Started Twisted Xeros

Transcript Hi, I’m the founder of Twisted Xeros and Twisted Xeros is a start-up about helping you to reduce stress and anxiety in real time.This came about because about as several years ago, I was in hospital paralysed and dying.I asked myself the question many years later, how can you make someone feel better when … Read more

Trinity of Self – Rules to Pickles By

Transcript As part of the trinity of self, we’ll discuss our primal self, ‘Pickles’ and the Rules to Pickles by … Learn from your mistakes There’s a distinct difference between failing and quitting, failing means you followed through with commitment to the very end with knowing you may not meet minimum requirements, quitting means you … Read more

Emotional Phase Shifting – Why It Works

Transcript If this is your first time seeing us, check out our other short videos about Emotional Phase Shifting. Here we’re showing you the science behind Emotional Phase Shifting and why it succeeds… As we progress through EPS, the continuing along the path of commitment, means increased likelihood of success. Firstly there is the “Genuine … Read more