Emotional Phase Shifting – How It Works

Transcript This brief video is about EPS, Emotional Phase Shifting and how it works First we present you with something that is unique, novel and non-threatening. This grabs and focus’ your attention and draws you in. From here we, meaning you mostly, can edit your experience for the better. Resulting in a happy hormone release, … Read more

Quitting Vs Failing

A good amount of investor bait includes such key words and phrases like; AI Machine Learning Deep Learning Data Science Lifestyle Business, etc I realised our prototype for Twisted Xeros is content heavy and that means I would need to have thousands of images in multiple formats, styles sizes etc, and that growth and scaling … Read more

Emotional Phase Shifting – An Introduction

Transcript About 10 years ago I was paralysed and dying, after being released from hospital, the following years took their toll as my mental health degraded and was ignored as part of my recovery plan. There was nothing that I could find that would help me with my stress, anxiety and crippling fear in real … Read more


Transcript Twisted Xeros is a digital health and wellness startup that is about making you feel better in real time for stress, frustration and anxiety. You can follow us here and by going to our site, you can register interest to support what we’re doing.

Trinity of Self – An Introduction

Transcript This is a quick introduction to the ‘Trinity of Self’ framework. Firstly, there’s Pickles, our primal self, the one that can get caught up in the moment and yell or swear at others, possibly even lash out. Then we have Squirrel, our default self, this is who we are most of the time scurrying … Read more