About Twisted Xeros

How it all started

Twisted Xeros was born from devastating first hand experience, when we become ill, modern medicine takes care of the physical…

For months I had been having problems, I went to my GP on multiple occasions had various bloodwork done and everything was coming back as being normal.

But in March 2012, I (Tristan Huxley – Founder), ended up hospital, paralysed and dying, but I didn’t know it at the time…

I was put into the cardiac ward because I was a high risk of heart attack all because of one of two conditions (hypokalaemia), that was stripping all the potassium from my blood and as a key electrolyte is needed to regulate your muscles, including your heart…

Hypokalaemia and Graves disease masked each other and were at the extreme ends of the scale. There was a better chance of winning lotto than getting these two conditions with those particular symptoms and the following five + years addressed physical and chemical issues including, physiotherapy, radiotherapy, medication and ongoing blood work which was up to four times a week.

Psychologically speaking I was not in a good place and I still remember some events where I had barked at someone unnecessarily, even those meant to help me, such as pharmacists, nursing staff and others, but they aren’t trained to help people with mental health issues and it’s clear that modern medicine doesn’t address these needs. I’m not proud of these things but I have learnt from them.

After five years and starting work again, I knew that I couldn’t have been the only person with such a bad experience and that led me to developing Emotional Phase Shifting, improving peoples mental health in real time is a problem worth solving and it is a problem that I want to help solve.

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