About Twisted Xeros

How it all started

Twisted Xeros was born from devastating first hand experience, when we become ill, modern medicine takes care of the physical, but the mental well being of patients.

In March 2012, I ended up hospitalised due to two conditions which masked one-another. The following three to four years addressed physical and chemical issues including, physiotherapy, radiotherapy, medication and ongoing blood work which was sometimes up to three times a week in the first few months from being released from hospital.

From the time I was released from hospital and throughout the next couple of years cautiously re-entering employment, I realised nothing existed to support my mental health outside of direct medical care, and it’s this need which has driven  the creation of the Twisted Xeros methodology and the conception of the app here today.

The entire journey is much longer than this, but in short what I asked myself was “How do I make myself feel better, when I don’t want to feel better?”. What would that look and sound like and more importantly how could I use those to focus and create the habits I needed to?